Friday, December 19, 2014

7 Days of Christmas: Day 2 - FREE Letter from Santa & Santa's Footprints!

Another tradition in our household for the last two years at Christmas is that Santa sends our son a personal letter! The first year my mom actually paid for one to be mailed here from some online service. However, we were lucky enough to find a free one that AAA offers last year!

AAA is not endorsing me for this post in any way. I only wanted to share this awesome Letter from Santa with you guys. It's completely free, and you don't even have to be a member!

My son loves getting these personalized letters! Click here to get yours!

Screenshot from
To create your own custom letter for your child, click here!

You can "mail" it to your child (there is an option to print out an additional postmark to glue/tape onto an envelope), or you can make it even more special by having Santa personally deliver the note!

Imagine Santa's footprints leading up to the letter he left for your child!

I found the inspiration for Santa's footprints on Pinterest originally (Click here to see it!), but I tweaked it just a little bit. Rather than trace a boot, cut it out, and use it as a stencil, I just dipped Daddy's work shoe in a shoe box filled with a small amount of flour (yes, Santa has two right feet) and made magical footprints on the floor! They're magical because the snow doesn't melt, but they could look even more magical if you mixed in glitter!

You could also just do this on Christmas Eve for the morning.
Ours led in from the balcony. 

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