Thursday, December 18, 2014

7 Days of Christmas: Day 1 - Polar Express Christmas Light Tour (Free Printable Polar Express Ticket!)

Last year started a new tradition in our household:

The Polar Express Christmas Light Tour! 

My 5 year old son LOVES the Polar Express movie! After being inspired by a pin on Pinterest (click here to see the original pin!), I decided to try our own Polar Express ride! 

After watching the Polar Express one random night before Christmas (a night that Daddy was off!), we told our then 4 year old son to put on his pajamas and brush his teeth for bed just like any other night. However, when he got to his bed he found more than just pajamas... there was a surprise waiting for him!

Along with his PJs, he found a blanket and a "ticket" for the Polar Express! Last year's ticket read: 
The bearer of this ticket is entitled to one magical Polar Express ride, complete with popcorn, hot chocolate, & Christmas lights!

We had hot chocolate made, popcorn popped, and candy ready to go. We headed down to the "Polar Express" (our car), and drove around looking at local Christmas lights (while listening to Christmas music, of course). It was an amazing experience for my son, especially since he only thought he was going to bed! It went so well, we decided to make it a regular Christmas tradition.

Look how happy he is!

Last year's ticket was hand-drawn at the last minute, but this year we (I have to credit Daddy) decided to create a more thought-out one on the computer. I've included a link to download a printable ticket for your child (or children; print as many as you need!) so that you can enjoy a Polar Express Christmas Light Tour with them too! Simply print out the PDF file, cut out each side of the ticket, and glue them together. We have some laminating sheets we'll be using to make ours a bit more durable.

Don't forget the hot chocolate and goodies!

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